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January 03, 2008



Awww, I'm so glad you are doing this again! He looks just like Sarah! What beautiful kiddos you have! I hope you have a wonderful 2008 :)


that is definitely a sarah face!


I'm rooting you on 100%! I know you can do it! :)


How sweet! He does look like his cute big sister!


Wow your kiddos look the same. He's precious!


Hmm. . . that photo reminds me of someone else (yes, Sarah, but also a cutie-pie named Anna, maybe it's the blanket?)

Love that one of Brent swinging both kiddos up in the header! Glad you're back here :-)

Julie C Butler

OMG!! Erin .. He is absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful little boy you have there!!
Happy New year!!

Shannon G

yay! Look at those little lips...awwww....darling.

Kristi Smith

This is breathtaking, Erin! I see so much of Sarah's sweet looks in him!

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